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Rimba Jiva ecological restoration

Rimba Jiva is an altruistic and inspirational ecological restoration project rehabilitating and preserving a vast area of Malaysian tropical rainforest. Situated at the Bukit Antarabangsa township and directly adjacent to Selangor State Park, the 263 acre site is located on undulating land, privately owned by the Wen family. With a long-term vision to restore the site to its original natural state and provide a space for people to interact with nature and form meaningful connections to the land, the Wen family are self-funding this extensive regeneration project.

The land occupies a transitional zone between the urban fringe and natural rainforest. Comprehensive research and surveys are now underway to understand the ecology, landscape and history of the site, as well as research investigating the community impact and nature engagement along this unique urban wilderness gradient.

Key features of the Rimba Jiva include:

  • Three experts specialising in landscaping and ecology restoration work full-time, on-site at Rimba Jiva
  • A ground team of Orang Asli (indigenous people) support the restoration team and receive training in the important skills of collecting and processing seeds, as well as green nursery management
  • The construction of a plant nursery laboratory, greenhouse, site office and staff quarters which were fully operational in 2022
  • The collection of 7,975 seeds from 53 flora species since 2021. About 3,786 saplings from 42 species have been successfully raised in polybags
  • The installation of camera traps throughout Rimba Jiva, capturing the presence of animals including the endangered Malayan Tapir, Spotted Leopard, Malayan Porcupine and Malayan Magpie.
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